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Jewellers: Asquiths

This is the Asquiths jewellery shop listing. Asquiths is in London. You can rate this jewellery shop in London or just read any past reviews. Use the map to find out if this jewellers is your local jewellery shop in London. The Asquiths offers gold jewellery, silver jewellery, gold rings, earings and even watches. They have cheap jewellery in London and also a lot of quality jewellery to choose from.

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88 Northcote Road
London, SW11 6QN
Phone: 020 72236473
Fax: 020 77382561
Business Type: Jewellers
Premise Type: Shops & other Retail Outlets

Services Offered:

Areas Served:

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* Sonya Picott

Hi all

I just thought I must share my experience with Asquiths. I went in last week with some earrings ( just costume jewellry) that I wanted to be put on better hooks- which I supplied. They quoted me 10 to do the 7 pairs which I thought reasonable and said they would be ready in a week.

I went there yesterday which was exactly a week later only to be told they weren't ready yet as they'd sent them to the workshop by mistake..I was a bit irritated as I don't live in Clapham and I thought they could have rung me just to say they weren't ready yet and saved me a journey..The guy wasn't very apologetic but then said grudgingly "well I won't charge then" and I thought "well, ok then " I just wanted him to acknowledge the inconvenience and apologise.

Anyway, I returned today and got the most abusive reaction from a member of their staff that I've ever had in a shop. I was praising the shine on my earrings and he said "yeah well I thought I'd better polish them as she was moaning yesterday", and I realised he was talking about me. He went on to say I would have to pay the 10 plus VAT. I pointed out that his colleague offered to do it free of charge and he said "yeah well he shouldn't have said that." to which I said "well you need to take that up with him"....he went on to say "you've got a cheek you know" and "what an audacity". I asked to see the manager and he fetched him but continued to make insults from the sidelines. The Manager just repeated what he had said about the other guy not having the authority to waive the charge. Meanwhile the first guy called me a "prat" and an "idiot" and said it "was just as well there was a mirror there so I could see what a prat I was being" he said "you were just after something for nothing the instant you came in here".... This went on and on and eventually I just took my earrings off the counter and left.

I couldn't believe this man. Worse, I couldn't believe that the manager allowed him to stand there and make those comments to me.

In short- the quality of the work was good, but it wasn't ready when they said it would be, they charged me an amount they later thought was too low, and they were rude rude rude.

Needless to say I'm never going back.

Jul 12, 2014

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